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What Is Stainless Steel Powder

What is Stainless-Steel Powder? Steel powder made of stainless is a lower carbon steel that is an excellent choice for 3D printing. It is a low carbon material and a high resistance to rusting and has a high sphericity. Find out about its properties…


Sorbitan monopalmitate CAS 26266-57-9

Through dehydration, sorbitol can be produced by a closed-loop process. About Sorbitan monopalmitate: Sorbitol, as a raw material is converted to sorbitol by dehydration, closed loop, and then palmitic acid esterification. This is a global Sorbit…


South African fuel prices see biggest drop in nearly two years on price impact on 8-strip pcr tubes

Fuel prices in South Africa have seen their biggest drop in two years since midnight local time on September 6. According to the government's price adjustment plan, the price of 93 and 95 gas…

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