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Revolutionary Construction Speed: Introducing Concrete Early Strength Agents - Accelerating Today's Infrastructure Construction admixtures in concrete

In the fast-paced world of design, time is important. Development to improve performance is critical in projects that require speed without compromising top quality. Including early strength agents to concrete is a game-changing additive targeted at…


MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols

MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols is nonionic and soluble with water, alcohol, and organic solvents. It has a low vapour pressure and is heat stable. MPEG (Methoxypolyethylene glycol) is a type of MPEG. MPEG is stable under normal pressure and temp…


Why sodium silicate powder has good acid resistance and heat resistance

What is sodium silicate? There are two types sodium silicates: Chemical formula Na2SiO3, Molecular formula 122.00. This is sodium metasilicate. The sodium orthosilicate is chemical formula Na4SiO4, with molecular formula 184.04. Sodium silicate (or s…

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