Diffusing agent M-9 Sodium Ligninsulfonate CAS 8061-51-6

Sodium lignosulfonate (also known as sodium lignosulfonate) is a yellow-brown powder that is chemically altered from natural lignin. Content: 50-65%

The Diffusing Agent M-9 Sodium Ligninsulfonate
The M-9 Sodium Ligninsulfonate Diffusing Agent has rich and fine froth, low degreasing ability, low irritation of skin and hair as well as good biodegradability.
It is a global trusted brand Diffusing agent M-9 Sodium Ligninsulfonate . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of Diffusing agent M-9 Sodium Ligninsulfonate If you want to buy Diffusing Agent M-9 Sodium Ligninsulfonate wholesale.

Product Performance of M-9 Sodium Lininsulfonate as a Diffusing Agent:
Its mild decontaminating performance leaves the skin feeling comfortable after washing.

Technical Parameters of M-9 Sodium Lininsulfonate as a Diffusing Agent

Product Code Shortname Effective substances content PH Odor Appearance
Sodium Ligninsulfonate M-9 50-65% 7-9 A slight characteristic smell Yellowish brown powder

Applications Diffusing Agent M-9 Sodium Liigninsulfonate It is a chemically altered product of natural lignin. It is an anionic, yellow-brown, fine powder. It has a slight aroma, it's soluble in water and it's chemically stable. Uses include concrete admixtures; water-reducing additives for coal water; ceramic body enhancers and fillers; dispersants and fillers for agricultural preparation processing and the dyeing industry; binders for powders and grains; and as a diluting dispersant. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural applications such as rubber, asphalt and feed.

Packing & Shipping Diffusing agent M-9 Sodium Ligninsulfonate
The packaging is dependent on the amount of M-9 Sodium Linglufonate diffusing agent.
Packing of Diffusing agent M-9, Sodium Ligninsulfonate 1kg/bottle. 25kg/barrel. 200kg/barrel.
Shipping of Diffusing Agent M-9 Sodium Ligninsulfonate As soon as payment is received, you can ship your order by air, sea, or express.

Properties of Sodium Ligninsulfonate Diffusing Agent M-9

Alternative Names N/A
CAS Number 8061-51-6
Compound Formula C20H24Na2O10S2
Molecular Mass N/A
Appearance NA
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Mass N/A

Health & Safety Information Diffusing agent Sodium Ligninsulfonate

Sign Word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
Transport Information

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