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Color wheel

Styling Difficult Colors

Now that we're done styling red, white, and blue, let's move onto colors that sometimes seem "too colorful". Brighter colors can be tricky to style. Not everyone is a stylist or carries custom lighting in their back pockets. Don't be left out in a dull and colorless world! Follow these tips for creating outfits that push the fun and drop the drama.

Color Wheel

Blue and yellow make green, and all three colors tend to complement each other. Additionally, colors on the opposite ends are contrasting, but tend match quite nicely with each other. The concept applies to many aspects of design like team colors and company logos, so why not apply it to your wardrobe? You don't have to be an artist to use a color wheel! 


Easy in Black & White

Let's start with the easiest solution. Simply pair a bright piece with solid black or solid white. The look is classic, elegant, and will instantly make the colors pop! Another simple solution is to have your accessories to the talking! For more inspiration, take a look at our colorful women's accessories and our diverse collection of men's hats.



Spring and summer colors are a natural fit with green. However, the brighter the green the more problematic it becomes. For greens that are brighter or on shimmery fabric, try matching to the cooler side of the wheel. It'll be colorful, but not obnoxiously colorful. For more muted greens, brown or white are great choices as they complement in a more relaxing manner. Many of our men's Lacoste shoes show off a hint of green. Whether it's a major detail or simply their signature green croc, it adds a touch of color that draws interest.



Original Penguin The Daddy-O Polo in Aurora


Orange is unique. The word doesn't rhyme with anything, it's also a fruit, and it’s a difficult color! However, it naturally brings out warmer tones. Notice where it sits on the color wheel. Some of the favorite colors to contrast with orange tend to be blue and purple. It also matches nicely with warmer colors, but they can get muddled together due to the lack of contrast. If pairing warm shades together, it's recommended that one piece be dark and the other light. For example, match dark red with a medium orange or a dark orange with a bright yellow.


Yellow is very loud and is used for more casual settings. For many people, yellow jackets or shorts simply seem over-the-top. Fortunately, they can be toned down with the right colors. Cool it down with dark shades of blue, green, or purple. Additionally, sticking to neutrals is a more subtle approach. Grey, white, and yellow is a refreshing color palette that’s lively without being too overwhelming. Our Original Penguin polo shirts offer a classic shape, but often feature interesting colors and patterns!


Neon & Bright Combos

People go crazy for neon colors for any type of celebration, but they are also great for color blocking. It has less to do with the actual colors and more about the shapes and patterns. Desigual is famous for their use of eccentric style! Whether you're just styling one piece with black or going with a full neon outfit, try to limit texture. Stick to clean lines so that each color speaks for itself, but doesn't take away from the others. Pattern on patterns is a fun styling method, but neon patterns don't always play nicely with others.




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