Hafnium Diboride HfB2 Powder CAS 12007-23-7, 99%

Hafnium boreide grey, also known to be called metallicluster sand crystals. The melting temperature of this material is 3250deg Celsius. This material is very conductive, and it has excellent chemical properties. Purity>99.5% Particle Size: 3 um

Hafnium Boride Pulp: Hafnium Boride or Hafnium Disboride is a grey-coloured crystal that has metallic luster. It is stable, and it has high conductivity. This powder can be mixed easily with many other chemicals. However, at ambient temperatures it doesn't react to hydrofluoric and acidic substances. This mixture occurs when hafnium dioxide is combined with boron oxide. Alternately, hydrogen reduction at 2000°C can be used for the conversion of hafnium dioxide into bornium. This can be used to produce high-temperature alloys.
Hafniumdiboride, well-known for their excellent electrical and thermoconductive qualities, high melting point, hardness, and other properties. Also, expect to find high levels both of neutron absorption or neutron conductivity. This material is common in electrodes and superhard materials as well, but it can also be used to absorb neutrons.

There are many uses for Haffnium dioxide ceramics, and other composite materials thanks to technological advancements. The development of home hafnium oxide powder has been a key area. Hafnium Diboride is difficult to heat. Ultrafine powders are essential in order to increase sintering efficiency. Although nanopowder has superior performance, it is also costly. In raw materials processing, nanopowder can be difficult to disperse. This complicates the entire process. The sub-micron hafnium Broboride Powder was developed.

Hafnium diboride belongs to the class of Ultra-high-temperature ceramics, a type of ceramic composed of hafnium and boron. Hafnium Boride is a ceramic with a melting temperature of 3250 degC. Hafnium Boride is a rare, high-temperature ceramic. The same property can be found in the isostructural zirconium boredide. It is a grey-colored, metallic metal. Hafnium Dboride comes in hexagonal crystals. The metal's mass is 200.11g. The metal has 10.5g/cm3.

To improve the strength of hafniumoxide when sintering is done, you can mix it with carbon, nickel, and silicon carbide. Hot pressing is a good option to solidify the hafniumoxide powder. It is possible to combine powders using heat and pressure.

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Hafnium diboride HafB2 specifications
Hafnium diboride powder MF: HfB2
Hafnium diboride powder CAS: 12007-23-7
Hafnium diboride powder EINECS: 234-500-7
Hafnium diboride powder Density: 10.5 g/cm3
Hafnium diboride Powder Melting Point: 3250degC
Hafnium diboride powder MOQ: 1kg
The size of the hafnium diboride pulver is Micro, Nano or as required by customer
Hafnium diboride powder Package: Aluminum bag,Vacuum packing, 1kg/bag, or as your request.

Hafnium Diboride HfB2 Powder:
Hafnium Boron ultrahigh temperatures ceramic made from Hafnium+Boron It is also known as "hafnium boreide". It can melt at 3250degC. Rare ceramics with very high thermal and electric conductivities. The same property can be found in isostructural zinc boreide. It is available in a metallic grey colour. Hafnium Dboride has a hexagonal shape, which means that it is 10.5g per cubic cmimeter.

How is Hafnium (boride HfB2 pulver made)?
These are the steps required to produce high-purity hafnium diboride powder for combustion synthesis.
1. To mix the basic ingredients, you can use diluents. The basic ingredients include hafniumoxide, boric acidside or magnesium powder. You can get hafniumoxide from anywhere between 30% and 60%. Boric acid is available in a range of 10%-40%. You can get magnesium powder from anywhere between 15% and 50%. Hafnium Diboride is an added diluent that can be used to reduce the weight of basic materials by 0-30%.
2. Mixing and drying
3. In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients. Then seal the container with a pressure can. After the mixture is sealed, let the water cool off and the dry powdered materials cool. This allows the raw material to be self-propagating, which makes it possible to transform into finished products.
4. Keep it refrigerated. It contains hafnium Boride and magnesium oxide. The magnesium oxide can be rinsed to make hafniumboride powder.

App o Hafnium Boride HafB2pulch
Hafnium-diboride is an excellent choice when creating wear-resistant coats. Its use has also been looked at for use in ultra-high-temperature composites in conjunction with silicon carbide (SiC), due to its excellent refractoriness. To make it resistant to oxidation, you can combine it with silicon caride.
The reduction of hafnium–diboride is affected by temperature and pressure. At 1.5K or 1 MP pressure, hafnia develops its protective oxide layer. HfB2 is unable to oxidize when it's exposed to temperatures above 1600 F or pressure below one million. The protective oxide layer of hafnia is formed in these situations.
HfB2's strength and thermal characteristics make it an excellent hypervelocity car. HfB2 has an aerodynamic nature that prevents it from absorbing during reentry, unlike polymer- or composite material absorbers.
In order to control reactor rods, it is possible use hafnium boride.
To study hafnium diffusion barrier, research using hafnium Diboride is underway. The thickness may be as high as 7 nanometers, if synthesized correctly.

Hafnium diboride HfB2 Powder Storage Conditions:
A damp reunion could affect HfB2 Powder Dispersion performance. It is important to avoid affecting HfB2 powder dipersion performance.

Packing & Shipping Hafnium Diboride HfB2 Powder:
Many packaging options exist, all of which are dependent upon HfB2 powder.
Hafnium diboride HfB2 powder packing:vacuum packing, 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.
Hafnium diboride, or Hafnium-pulver can both be sent by sea and air.

Nanotechnology Co. Ltd. was established in 2000 and has been an internationally trusted supplier and manufacturer of chemical products. The company is known for providing Nanomaterials, such as Boride over a 12-year period. Graphite. sulfide. 3D printing powders.
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Hafnium Diboride Properties

Makes hafnium boride, HfB2 powder
Combination Formula HfB2
Motility 200.112
Appearance Black Powder
Melting Point 3250 degC
Boiling Point N/A
Density 10.5 g/cm3
Solubility HTML2O N/A
Exact 201.965161

Hafnium – Diboride Safety & Health Information

Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Securities N/A
Transport Information N/A

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