What are the types of the 2210 bearing rollers

What are the types of the 2210 bearing rollers

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Types of bearing rollers

Cylindrical bearing rollers have high radial load capacity and moderate thrust load. They contain cylindrical rollers, but are convex or wrinkled at the ends to reduce stress concentration. The design of the cylindrical bearing roller is similar to that of the needle bearing, but the diameter and the length of the roller are closer.

Self-aligning bearing rollers are self-aligning, double-row, centripetal and thrust combined bearings. They use spherical or crowned rollers as rolling elements.

The tapered bearing roller consists of an inner ring (cone), an outer ring (cup), a cage and multiple rollers. The shape of these rollers makes the load evenly distributed on the entire bearing roller. During operation, the tapered bearing rollers form a line contact between the raceway and the rolling elements, thereby distributing the load to a larger area.

Needle bearing is a cylindrical bearing roller, in which the length of the roller is much larger than the diameter. Needle roller bearings are designed for radial load applications that require a low profile.

Thrust bearings are designed for pure thrust loads and can hardly bear radial loads. Roller thrust bearings use rollers similar to other types of bearing rollers.

Bearing roller processing steps


It is to heat a piece of bearing steel to 1200 degrees Celsius, buckle, wear, and polish. Smaller bearing rings are generally cut from tubes or rods and then precision machined, similar to forged parts. Then the blank is processed inside and outside dimensions on a multi-spindle lathe. The material removed during this cutting process is called a "chip". This operation can obtain the rolling element raceways and sealing grooves required for bearing roller processing.


It is a heat treatment that makes steel hard and wear-resistant. The parts are heated to 800 degrees Celsius in a quenching furnace and then "quenched", which means they are quickly cooled by immersion in a salt or oil bath. Then the steel will become harder. Without this hardening operation, the bearing ring would not be able to withstand the constant pressure of the rolling elements during operation.

Grinding and honing (fine grinding)

Various grinding media are used to treat rough surfaces. The finer the grinding wheel or honing stone, the smoother the surface of the raceway or rolling element ground. In finishing operations, the deviation must not exceed half a micron.

Deep drawing

It is a forming process that allows the economical manufacture of a large number of bearing parts. First, a blank is punched out of the steel bar. Then, it is deep drawn to the desired shape in a few steps. It may be a drawn cup needle roller bearing or a modern sheet metal ball bearing cage. Deep drawing is carried out on a large conversion press, high pressure, without heating the metal plate.

The 2210 bearing market is changing rapidly. These changes are indicators of market rising. Bearings are an important part of modern machinery and equipment, and its downstream is widely used in industrial automation, high-end equipment, robotics, automobile manufacturing and other fields. In recent years, due to the decline in demand from downstream industries such as automobiles and machine tools, as well as the adjustment of industrial structure, the phase of transformation and upgrading, the phasing out of backward production capacity has changed the relationship between supply and demand. If you are looking for 2210 bearing or get more information about 2210 bearing, please send an email to sales@spark-bearing.com.

The price of 2210 bearing continues to be affected by some kind of factors such as market rising momentum, various opportunities and challenges. However, during the forecast period from 2022 to 2027, the global 2210 bearing sales market is expected to continue to be above average. The growth rate will continue to increase. It is expected that In the second half of this year, the price of 2210 bearing will increase to a certain extent.   

Due to changes in the raw material price of bearings rising, consumer demand, import and export conditions, and various investigations on the development of 2210 bearing, the cost of 2210 bearing is constantly changing. Taking into account the current market macroeconomic parameters, value chain analysis, channel partners, demand and supply, the cost of 2210 bearing will also be affected to a certain extent. It is estimated that the cost of 2210 bearing will increase slightly from next year.

The market trend of 2210 bearing?

The cost of raw materials is still the biggest concern for manufacturers. Raw materials account for approximately 60-62% of bearing manufacturers revenue. The price of raw materials for bearings fluctuates continuously according to market economic conditions. Such fluctuations in raw material prices are becoming a real challenge for companies to maintain competitiveness and ensure sustainable profits. As high-grade steel and alloy steel are the main raw materials used to manufacture 2210 bearing, bearing prices are highly correlated with global steel price trends. Therefore, fluctuations in the price of raw materials have brought challenges for bearing manufacturers to compare prices and quality to manufacture bearings. In addition, the bearings require regular maintenance to avoid failures and extend their service life, which further increases maintenance costs. Therefore, factors such as raw material price fluctuations and regular maintenance costs are expected to hinder the growth of the bearing market.

The market demand for 2210 bearing?

The global bearing market value in 2020 is 123.34 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 153.62 billion U.S. dollars by 2027, and the compound annual growth rate will also increase steadily.

A bearing is a mechanical element that supports relative movement and helps reduce friction caused between moving parts. Bearings are widely used in various industries such as automobiles, wind turbines, construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural equipment, and machine tools. It is used in automobiles to ensure smooth driving of automobiles, electric vehicles (EV) and other types of vehicles (such as light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles such as trucks). Due to the increasing utilization of bearing 2210 bearing in various end-use industries, rolling mills and electric vehicles, the global 2210 bearing market has become more and more important. The development of technology has improved the overall efficiency of bearing products in the field and extended the product shelf life.

About WSBC bearing

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