Nanometer thermal insulation coatings Advantages

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Nano thermal insulation coating can be used to absorb ultraviolet rays in sunlight and is often used in current decoration buildings.


Nanometer thermal insulation coatings Advantages:

1. Thermal insulation.

The nano thermal insulation coating can effectively block the infrared and ultraviolet rays in the sun. when the sun penetrates the glass and enters the room, it can shield more than 99% of the ultraviolet rays and block more than 80% of the infrared rays. And its thermal insulation effect is very good, can make the indoor temperature difference 3-6 C, can keep the indoor cool air.


2. Transparency.

The surface of the glass film is very transparent, it forms a film of about 7 ~ 9 μ m on the surface of the glass, and the lighting effect is excellent and will not affect the visual effect. It is especially suitable for glass with high lighting requirements in hotels, office buildings, residential buildings and so on.


3. Keep warm.

Another feature of this material is that it has a good heat preservation effect, because the thin film on the surface of the glass film blocks the indoor heat energy, maintains the indoor heat and temperature, and makes the room reach a state of thermal insulation.


4. Energy saving.

It is precisely because the nano thermal insulation coating has the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation, which makes the indoor temperature and outdoor temperature rise and fall evenly, so it can reduce the switching times of air conditioning or heating, and save a lot of money for families.


5. Environmental protection.

Nano thermal insulation coating is also a very environmentally friendly material, mainly because the film does not contain benzene, ketone and other harmful substances, so it is really green and in line with international environmental quality standards.


Nanomaterials commonly used in transparent thermal insulation coatings:

Cesium tungsten bronze transparent nano thermal insulation coating stands out from many transparent thermal insulation coatings because of its friendly environment and high thermal insulation.


Nanometer antimony doped tin oxide coating is a kind of transparent thermal insulation coating material with good light transmittance and thermal insulation. Nanometer tin antimony oxide has good visible light transmission and infrared barrier, so it is an ideal thermal insulation material. The method of adding nanometer tin antimony oxide to the coating to make transparent thermal insulation coating can effectively solve the heat insulation problem of glass. Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of simple process, low cost, high application value and broad market prospect.


Nano-In2O3-SnO2 has excellent visible light transmission and infrared barrier properties, so it is an ideal transparent thermal insulation material. Because indium metal is a scarce metal and a strategic resource, indium raw materials are expensive. Therefore, in the development of transparent thermal insulation ITO coating material, it is necessary to strengthen the process research to reduce the indium consumption on the premise of ensuring the transparent thermal insulation effect, so as to reduce the production cost.


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