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A new method of making cement using an electrochemical process has been developed


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On June 24, 2023, according to MIT Technology Review, Sublime Systems, a company co-founded by a professor of materials science at MIT and a Canadian chemist, developed a new method of manufacturing cement using an electrochemical process. The team used electrolyzers to replace the most energy-intensive kilns, making cement from a variety of abundant calcium-containing raw materials at room temperature, thus preventing the use of fossil fuels and the release of carbon dioxide from the limestone. They put calcium sources such as limestone, gypsum, and calcium alginate into water without pretreatment or crushing. Then, they turned on electricity for electrolysis, allowing calcium ions to precipitate from the solution and deposit on the electrodes. The calcium is then mixed with other ingredients to form a cementitious material that can be used as a direct replacement for cement. This material has the same or better strength, slump, and durability than Portland cement. This process significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to traditional cement manufacturing methods. It is the first cement production process to eliminate both limestone emissions and fossil fuel emissions from the high-temperature combustion process.

Redispersible Polymer Powder 

Redispersible Polymer Powder in cement-making

RDP powder can improve the construction performance of cement, improve the flow performance of cement mortar, increase thixotropy and anti-sag properties, and enhance water retention. Improve the tensile strength, deformability, and cohesive strength of the mortar after curing; increase the flexural strength of the material, compactness, and wear resistance of the material; reduce the elastic modulus of the material; and have excellent hydrophobicity.

The main application fields of re-dispersible latex powder are ceramic tile adhesives, wall exterior insulation system bonding mortar, outer wall exterior insulation system plastering mortar, ceramic tile jointing agent, self-flowing cement mortar, interior and exterior wall flexible putty, Flexible anti-cracking mortar, rubber powder polystyrene particle insulation mortar, dry powder coating, polymer mortar products with high requirements on flexibility.

Redispersible Polymer Powder 


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