Matters needing attention when selecting KOYO bearings

 KOYO bearing in the process of running, sometimes between the bearing surface into the external hard particles or hard foreign body or abrasive dust on the surface of the metal, it can cause furrow is bearing abrasion, inside these hard foreign body through into the bearing lubrication medium, with the continuous operation of bearing, the local friction heat production, easy to cause local deformation and friction surface friction welded phenomenon, There may even be partial melting, resulting in occlusion.
Bearing fracture is caused by defects and overload. When the applied load exceeds the limit of material strength, parts fracture is called overload fracture. In the process of bearing operation, overheating tissue and local burns will also occur, causing defects fracture.
KOYO bearing should pay attention to the following points from the Angle of use:

  1. Selection of KOYO bearing models
Bearing models are generally selected according to the service conditions and load bearing of supporting products. Therefore, it is necessary to know whether the actual load of the user is consistent with the selected bearing. If the bearing cannot meet the requirements of use, the model should be changed as soon as possible, but unless special products are selected, there will be no problem in the model.
  1. The choice of KOYO bearing clearance
When buying bearings, they will generally only tell you what type and grade, and seldom put forward requirements on the clearance of bearings. Business personnel must inquire about the use conditions of bearings, including the speed, temperature and tolerance of bearings, which are directly related to the selection of bearing clearance. In theory, the noise and life of bearings reach the best state at zero clearance, but in practical operation, considering the temperature rise and other problems, it is better for bearings to have clearance of 0.002mm-0.004mm after assembly.
  1. Selection of grease
The selection of KOYO bearing grease is generally based on the speed of bearing, temperature resistance, noise requirements and starting torque, etc., which requires a good understanding of the performance of all kinds of grease.
  1. Selection of bearing seal type:
The lubrication of KOYO bearing can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. Oil-lubricated bearings are generally used in the form of bearings, grease lubricated bearings are generally used for dustproof cover or rubber seals. Dustproof cover is suitable for high temperature or good parts of the use environment, sealing parts are divided into contact seal and non-contact seal two kinds, contact seal dustproof performance is good but the starting torque is large, non-contact seal starting torque is small, but the sealing performance is not good.
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